A world of images

Scattered thoughts

  We like others taking pictures of us, we like the "look at me, where and with whom I am" idea, we like looking in the mirror and surrounding ourselves with useless objects. We like colors, images, or rather we like their rapidity and immediacy. We like going, we never stop; we like talking, we never listen; we like noise, we refuse silence.
  We are a bunch of small unaware ridiculous aesthetes, convinced to need more than we already have. Why? Because of dissatisfaction? We think we are busy people, we obey to society's rules, we conform even when we are anticonformists. 
  We don't want to waste time, we want to take advantage of it, so we have no time to read a book, to listen our grandma's stories, to talk with our family after lunch. But we have time for social networks, we have time to make shopping videos, we have time to think about what I am wearing tonight. 
  We have time for images. We have time for appearance. We have time to waste time pretending not to have time. What a strange  life we choose! What a strange time perception we have!


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